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*Goals and Aspirations*

My short term and long term goals both include personal goals I have set regarding my health and recreational matters such as wanting to quit smoking, being able to advance in my hobbies, and become more fit. I also wish to pursue goals involving my future work placement, status, living location. I have broke this section down into two categories.

*Short Term : 1 to 2 years*

Within the next one to two years I planned to accomplish goals I have set in the past that I never got around too and finish my education, which is my main priority. When I do this I will have the confidence to succeed in my long term goals and live a happy productive life.

*Long Term : 2 - 10 years*

My long term plans are more difficult to achieve, but with work and dedication to accomplish them I will succeed. My long term goals focus on my career, living arrangements, and health. I plan on making most of my achievements within this time period.

AJ Wells * NSCC * 2011