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*Welcome to my Portfolio*

Welcome to my e-portfolio. Here you will find Information about me that may help you get an understanding of who I am. I have broken the site down into five categories. Each will have a page regarding the topic.

My name is AJ Wells, I'm 25, and I live in West Gore, Hants CO. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the country and the fresh air. I have two children, a son named Albert Jr. (2 years) and a daughter named Raven (5 years). They have given me a new outlook on life and I wish to better myself to better them. I am engaged to my wonderful girlfriend Jen and hope to get married in the next 3 years. I've been interested in computers since I was introduced to them in school, back in grade four we had a vintage (1990) Macintosh Classic. I was lucky enough, in 1996, to have my own. It was an IBM Aptiva 120 mhz. I gradually went form installing games, customizations, to hardware upgrading, and trying out different OS's. I then realized the IT industry is something i wanted to pursue.

AJ Wells * NSCC * 2011